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Meet Yonnie

CPDT-KA , Fear Free Certified®  Professional, ABCDT,  BSc

I have always believed dogs are friendly by nature. Aggressive behaviours are usually provoked by unpleasant life events, which triggered their protective mechanism. As doggy parents, it is our job to rebuild the trust, strengthen the relationship, and put our pups back on track.

My passion for dogs started from a young age, when my family brought home an American Cocker Spaniel. She became part of our family and we call her "Mui Mui" which means "little sister" in Chinese. My family knew very little about dog training. My parents walked her every day after work and made sure she was fed. But I thought there must have been more we could do for Mui Mui. I started studying and researching ways to train dogs at home. I wanted to make sure she got the right level of mental enrichment and physical exercise. Whenever there was the slightest sign of improvement, I felt an immense sense of achievement. Then I realized dog training was my calling.

I moved to Canada after graduating from university, where I adopted an 11-month old Golden Retriever. Like most people, I imagined Golden Retrievers to be even-tempered, intelligent and affectionate. While there is a lot of truth to it, that was not always the case! When I first brought Moca home, he would jump on and bark at people, and even attack other dogs when they get too close. So I started training him at home. While he did show improvement over time, I felt that there should be a lot more to the world of dog-training. After two years of intense training, studying, and internship with Gloria Wong, I successfully obtained my ABCDT qualification with Animal Behavior College in 2018, certified as CPDT-KA with internationally recognized Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers in 2019, and became a Fear Free Certified ® Professional in May 2020.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have come home to Hong Kong, and share my knowledge and experience with all the doggy parents here. Through education and training together, I am confident that we will realize a better quality of life for our dogs and ourselves, through improved communication and a stronger bond. I was once told "A well-trained dog is a happy dog. An educated owner makes a good leader". Dear friends, let this be my challenge to you : be a good leader and raise a happy dog! Let's bring our dogs and embark on a new journey together!

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